CTAB Guide for Technology Reports

CTAB Guide for Technology Reports

The following objectives and criteria are intended to assist technology-level programs to complete a Technology Report /Capstone Project as defined in Part 1 - General Skills GC01 of the National Technology Benchmarks ©.

Objectives of a Technology Report

  • To enhance knowledge that extends beyond the scope of regular studies
  • To apply planning and time management skills
  • To use problem solving techniques and formal design criteria
  • To use industry relevant software (CAD) and/or simulation methods, where appropriate, to design, develop and test solutions
  • To assess and/or predict the technical performance and suitability of systems and components using scientific methods and mathematical calculations
  • To research and identify sources of technical information
  • To develop evaluation criteria and methods, and analyze alternate solutions
  • To produce a high-quality report in a professional manner
  • To present to peers and defend project conclusions


  • Report needs to include evidence of both research and application which demonstrates synthesis of program outcomes
  • Report will typically be assigned and evaluated by communications and technical faculty
  • Report should be used to show a prospective employer the level at which a graduate is capable of working
  • Main body of the report should be minimum 3000 words
  • Marking scheme for written report and presentation must be provided
  • Maximum team size: 4 (provided that students are marked for their own contribution – each student’s contribution to the overall project must be clearly indicated)
  • Reports must be written in the third person for an appropriate audience and must follow a structured format which includes:
    • Title Page
    • Tables of Contents, Figures and Tables
    • Executive Summary
    • Appropriately labeled Figures, Tables and Appendices
    • References
    • Conclusions