Value of National Accreditation

National Accreditation identifies to students, counsellors, parents, and employers the educational agencies and programs that meet nationally recognized criteria, and benefits all stakeholders. Those educational agencies dedicated to the national accreditation process tend to realize curricula improvement in their current programs and in the development of new ones. Degrees, diplomas or certificates from non-accredited programs do not have the same status as those issued by accredited programs. Graduates of successful programs are eligible for certification by CCTT's provincial constituent members after several years of relevant work experience.


  • Demonstrates to the community that an educational agency has achieved national academic requirements;
  • Evaluates an organization according to national benchmarks as defined by industry;
  • Allows management to develop a "road map" outlining current challenges and setting of future goals;
  • Provides a framework for continually improving the quality and efficiency of technology programs. This framework can then be clearly communicated to the agencies' clients, encouraging continual progress and growth.