Evaluators Training

Five training modules available to all volunteer Program Evaluators to gain a better understanding of the CTAB accreditation assessment process.


CTAB Accreditation Training - INTRODUCTION


CTAB Training Module #1
Overview of National Accreditation


CTAB Training Module #2
Overview of the National Technology Benchmarks.  The key tool used by our Program Evaluators in order to assess each Technology Program.


CTAB Training Module #3
Overview of the submission templates provided by the school, what to look for and how to determine if its adequately aligns with the National Technology Benchmarks.


CTAB Training Module #4
Step by step details of how an accreditation review generally takes place, what the expectations are and references to assist the reviewers in their evaluation.


CTAB Training Module #5
Detailed description of the final CTAB report; who leads the writing, what the content should be, how is it approved...