IN MEDIA: 2017 National Applied Research / Technology Report Contest

The Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 National Applied Research / Technology Report Contest

  • 1st Place $1,000 Author: Jacob Woods
    Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) – Annapolis Valley Campus, Middleton, Nova Scotia – Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology
    Title: “Integration of Lithium-ion Battery Storage – Analysis of storage and re-timing of solar energy for a home-heating application.”

    Photo at the left: Joy Brown (CTAB), Jacob Woods, Alan Attwater (TechNova)

    Photo at the top: Jacob’s colleagues from Applied Research

    Photo at the right: Joy Brown (CTAB),  Jacob Woods, Scott Henderson (NSCC Faculty Advisor), Alan Attwater (TechNova)


    Photo at the top: Michael Purcell (NSCC Academic Chair), Joy Brown, Jamie Thomson (NSCC Applied Research), Jacob Woods, Scott Henderson, Alan Attwater, Dr. Al Joseph (NSCC Applied Research – Client for Jacob’s project)



  • 2nd Place $500 Author: Alex Tranq
    College of New Caledonia, Prince George, British Columbia – Natural Resources and Environmental Technology
    Title: “Evaluating the viability of western larch as a crop tree in the sub-boreal spruce zone: Year 19 results.”

    By CKPGToday

    A recent grad of the College of New Caledonia took second place in a national applied research and technology report contest. Alex Tranq was awarded Friday afternoon at the college. He was recognized by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board for his technical writing evaluating western larch trees in the region. Tranq wrote the report for Sinclar Group Forest Products. He says receiving the award was a total surprise and it will hold him in good stead as he moves forward in his career in forestry.




  • 3rd Place $250 Author: Otto Akkerman, Philip Ripley and Miguel Landry
    New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) – Moncton Campus, Moncton, New Brunswick – Civil Engineering Technology – Construction Management
    Title: “Riverfront gateway project – design-build proposal.”

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